holger dix – felder

i designed a boards of canada type synth sound and mixed it with a pitch oscillating rhodes (Mk1 samples from trying to create a dystopian vintagy atmosphere. i saturated the mix with fabfilter saturn. the video is from a time where succulents didn’t show up in so many synth videos yet, i swear 😉

behringer model d

ich konnte vorgestern mal ein wenig mit meinem frisch angekommenen behringer minimoog klon spielen und habe es spontan aufgenommen. Keine Nachbearbeitung, also hat eher jam charakter das ganze. das ding macht unheimlich spaß muss ich sagen!

I finally got to fiddle around with my new toy, the behringer model d and recorded some of it. no postprocessing. just me playing keyscape rhodes and the moog onto a loop loft loop. i’m loving the sound of that thing!